“All forms of violence are a quest for identity. When you live on the frontier, you have no identity, you’re a nobody; therefore you get very tough.” (Please have look at the video below to hear this quote…)

How much does this sound like the situation around the Trump election? It is fairly widely assumed that the Trump tide was driven by disaffected, angry, unemployed or poorly employed men who live “on the frontier” of the prosperous USA; in the areas referred to as the “rust belt”, the areas gone into receivership, so to speak, somewhat forgotten.

From: https://mcluhangalaxy.wordpress.com

I had a chance to listen to some Humber Journalism students who traveled to Washington to cover the inauguration. The stories they told of the two main groups with whom they spoke, Trump supporters and the Women’s march, were revealing. The Trump people spoke uniformly about finally being listened to and, well, noticed; valued by someone who finally would do something for the “common man”. The women (the students interviewed mostly women, although there were many people of other genders marching as well) seemed to have a variety of different important reasons for being there. I believe I noticed a difference, in the underlying emotions within these groups. The Trump supporters seemed to me to be ready to ‘push’, whereas the Marchers seemed to be seeking a peaceful protest.

Other sources of information about Marshall McLuhan:



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